One platform to sync with your organization's stakeholders, identify high-priority leads, and engage new prospects

Build Intelligently.

For Strategic Partners:

Pinpoint partnership prospects according to your granular, real-time strategic interests

Converse directly with a dedicated research analyst

Engage your research analyst for personal insight on screened prospects or with requests for specific innovation characteristics that fit your current partnership mandates. Your analyst will work hands-on with you to refine your ideal prospect screening standard.

Review Screened Innovation Prospects

We leverage predictive technology to handpick companies that fit your explicit strategic interests and performance criteria. Review prospect selections in-platform, with actionable frameworks of information, and request an embargo on the most aligned prospects for a certain duration.

Qualify Prospects & Engage Instantly

Access every necessary piece of information that you need to determine interest in a prospect, including real-time receptiveness on the prospect side. Engage prospects in a single click via powerful direct messaging.

Rialto Strategic Partner Dashboard

"Identifying and qualifying growth stage companies aligned with your strategic interests as a firm or individual can be manual and time consuming. Especially given the sheer amount of noise in the market. Rialto screens companies based on real-time, actionable interests rather than superficial data, and offers powerful insights that enable strategic partners to find and evaluate the right opportunities at unprecedented pace."

-Pat Hedley, Former Managing Director at General Atlantic

"Dear Victor (Astorian Founder and Yale University '18), I was moved by your coverage on Rialto. Your accomplishments serve as an example to your fellow students and to those who will follow in your footsteps. Please know that I am so proud of where you are today, and I am eager to witness your many successes in the future!"

-Dr. Peter Salovey, President of Yale University
For Fast Growing Companies:

Optimize business development prospecting according to your current growth objectives and relationships

Securely unlock your organization's extended professional network

Seamlessly sync your advisory, investor, employee, customer, service provider, and peer group network with your current business development objectives to identify and rank 2nd degree relationships for immediate engagement.

Access Powerful Due-Diligence on People

Filter through a network of global strategic partners according to your specific strategic interests and access actionable information on each professional. Get personal feedback on each professional from your research analyst. Determine in seconds whether a lead is worth your time or not.

Filter, Prioritize, and Engage Leads

Field inbound leads and prioritize them by relevance to your current business development interests. Receive email notifications for the leads most important to you. Engage instantly and seamlessly with strategic partners.

Rialto Company Executive Dashboard

"As a complex technology operating in a complex sector, conveying a unique value proposition in terms of a product and team is challenging. We know we are awesome and we know that our company is equally awesome, yet communicating this in an objective, concise manner is near on impossible. Rialto’s coverage of Koroid really changed this: the Rialto profile on Koroid is so immensely effective in digging deeper into the team, the problem we face, and the technology we use to solve it. In addition, it provided us with visibility and credibility (from an objective lens) that companies only can dream of at the early-stage we were in. I consider Rialto’s coverage a key momentum-builder for us, and since we were featured 6-8 months ago, we have gone on to raise a large seed round. We see Rialto as a vital partner in our continued growth as a company."

-Dr. Gustaf Axelsson, Founder & CEO of Koroid (a Harvard Medical School spinout)

"Shout out to the team at Rialto - visionaries who are helping the nation's top early and growth stage companies get on the map, be more efficient at prioritizing engagement with the right people, and scale faster. Awesome to see our classmates from MIT including Waypoint Labs also featured and subsequently acquired, as well as other elite teams from across the country - keep it up."

-Stuart Jones Jr., Co-Founder & CEO of Sigma Ratings (an MIT Sloan spinout)

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