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Passionate about cutting-edge innovation and supported by world-class advisors.

Business development in global innovation markets is fragmented, manual, and unacceptably inefficient. Amidst a landscape saturated with unprecedented noise, we aim to revitalize the business development process with modern technology and data-driven intelligence. At Rialto, we’re modernizing business development for efficiency by enabling operators to unlock underutilized networks across their organization's stakeholder team for hyper-focused partnership growth. We’d love to work with anyone who shares this mission.

Kevin Alvarez-Fung
Kevin Alvarez-Fung Co-Founder

Background: Kensho Technologies (acq), JPMorgan, Yale University

Vickrum nabar
Vickrum nabar Co-Founder

Background: New Heritage Capital, MHT Partners, Babson College

Jessica Li
Jessica Li Research Analyst

Background: Soma Capital, Morgan Stanley, General Catalyst, Harvard University

Caitlin Ner
Caitlin Ner Research Analyst

Background: BlackRock, Ground Up Ventures, Harvard University

Vivek Katara
Vivek Katara Research Analyst

Background: LANG (YC '19), Boeing, Verus Financial, Yale University

Vincent Kwok
Vincent Kwok Research Analyst

Background: DO Holdings, Paradigm, Columbia University

Russell Pekala
Russell Pekala Research Analyst

Background: Transcend, Kensho Technologies, DoNotPay, Harvard University

Meera Patel
Meera Patel Research Analyst

Background: SixPlus, Wellesley College

Rohan Lewis
Rohan Lewis Research Analyst

Background: Halliburton, Suna Breakfast, Cornell University

Shreya Shah
Shreya Shah Research Analyst

Background: Resolute Ventures, SalesForce, Babson College

Robert Williams
Robert Williams Research Analyst

Background: Dartmouth Emerging Markets Group, Dartmouth College

Moises Escobar
Moises Escobar Research Analyst

Background: Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Yale Investments Office, Yale University

Saadiya Lakhani
Saadiya Lakhani Research Analyst

Background: 360 Business Ventures, MicroFinance at Berkeley, U.C. Berkeley

Rini Halder
Rini Halder Research Analyst

Background: SMP Capital, Healthy Ventures, NYC Economic Development Corporation, Harvard University

Trevor Shim
Trevor Shim Research Analyst

Background: Bloom, Yale University School of Medicine, Yale University

Manasi Maheshwari
Manasi Maheshwari Research Analyst

Background: Bloomberg LP, Harvard Technology Review, Harvard University

Shabaig Chatha
Shabaig Chatha Research Analyst

Background: Theta Equity Partners, MUSE Consulting, University of Pennsylvania

Ania Alberski
Ania Alberski Research Analyst

Background: Northeast Charter Schools Network, City of Philadelphia Mayor's Office, University of Pennsylvania

Tejas Kataria
Tejas Kataria Research Analyst

Background: Toast, Deloitte, Yale School of Management

Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Research Analyst

Background: Vaultima, Supernode Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Harvard University

David Svanidze
David Svanidze Research Analyst

Background: Colliers international, BDO, Northeastern University

Wendy Zhang
Wendy Zhang Research Analyst

Background: Loomis Sayles, InnovationFWD, Duke University

Emily Skahill
Emily Skahill Research Analyst

Background: Cisco, InnovationFWD, Brown University

Dr. Gustaf Axelsson
Dr. Gustaf Axelsson Research Analyst

Background: Koroid, Harvard Medical School

Market Advisors

Dr. Robert Kerns
Dr. Robert Kerns Advisor, Precision Medicine

Dr. Robert Kerns is a Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychology at Yale University, and was previously a National Director of the VA Healthcare System

Pat Hedley
Pat Hedley Advisor, Growth Equity

Three decades of global private equity experience at General Atlantic, as a former Managing Director. Pat now independently invest in and advises innovative growth companies.

Dr. Marco Di Maggio
Dr. Marco Di Maggio Advisor, FinTech

Professor in the Finance Unit at Harvard Business School, leading FinTech coursework, and a research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Monica Logani
Monica Logani Advisor, Equity Valuation

Managing Partner at Muse Advisors and 20+ year equity research veteran with experience at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers

Dr. Tim Bain
Dr. Tim Bain Advisor, MedTech

Team physician for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL and Founder of B3 Medical. Dr. Bain has a passion for reforming healthcare to be more focused on optimizing health and keeping people well.

Lauren Hurvitz
Lauren Hurvitz Advisor, Marketing Innovation

Former Executive Vice President & Chief Corporate Marketing Officer at Turner, a global media company with subsidiary brands including CNN, TNT/CBS, Cartoon Network, and HBO.

Dr. Kenn Sebesta
Dr. Kenn Sebesta Advisor, Robotics & Drones

With a PhD in controls, Kenn designs drones for science, industrial, and consumer uses. Dr. Sebesta has life-long experience with remote controlled craft and unmanned air vehicles, and co-founded of one of the world's largest open-source autopilot initiatives.

Dr. Steven Gordon
Dr. Steven Gordon Advisor, Blockchain & Infrastructure

Professor of Information Technology Management at Babson College. His research addresses applications of blockchain technology, scaling & monetizing blockchain startups, and the interplay between IT and corporate innovation.

Chris "HuK" Loranger
Chris "HuK" Loranger Advisor, Esports

President of Kraft Gaming, President of Boston's professional Esports franchise Boston Uprising, and a former professional Overwatch player.

Tiffany Pham
Tiffany Pham Advisor, FemTech

Founder & CEO of Mogul, the world's leading connectivity platform for women. Pham was named Forbes 30u30 in Media, the Technology Ambassador for France, and Business Insider's "30 Most Important Women Under 30" in technology.

Mike Pittenger
Mike Pittenger Advisor, Cybersecurity

Mike Pittenger is the former VP of Security Strategy at Black Duck (acquired by Synopsys) and former VP and General Manager of Product at Stake (acquired by Symantec).

Aayush Upadhyay
Aayush Upadhyay Advisor, Augmented Reality

Aayush is a Product Manager at Google and global product lead on Google's immersive AR ad formats. Aayush was previously the Google global product lead for Android Pay.

Vanessa Liu
Vanessa Liu Advisor, Corporate Venture

Vanessa Liu is the Vice President of SAP.iO Foundries North America, SAP's accelerator for B2B enterprise startups. Prior to SAP, Vanessa was the COO of Trigger Media and spent 13 years at McKinsey & Company.

Ed Pease
Ed Pease Advisor, LegalTech

Ed Pease is a Partner at Mintz Levin, and brings more than two decades of experience to legal representation of high-growth businesses and the investment firms that support them.

Tanveer Kathawalla
Tanveer Kathawalla Advisor, Aerospace Tech

Tanveer Kathawalla is the former COO of Analytical Space, a fast growing satellite communications company, and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.

Lucas Winthrop
Lucas Winthrop Advisor

Chief Operating Officer at Winthrop Wealth Management, a financial advisory firm with with more than $1.13 billion in client assets under management.

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