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I lead a Pre-Seed to Series B startup in the United States.


I am a VC, corporate innovation executive, or service rep.


I am an individual interested in VC-caliber startup investments.


I am a professional open-minded to joining a top startup.

Rialto provides the selectivity & network of a data-driven venture capital firm, without the bias of investment capital.

Introducing the Rialto Terminal™

A contemporary research & engagement interface for high-performing operators, accessible to companies that meet a VC-caliber selection standard based on proven historical outcomes.

Professionals: Filter Rialto Company Selections by Meaningful Qualities

Hear directly from VC-caliber management teams nationwide, before word gets out. Digest the inspiration behind their companies, the context for their solutions, their team qualifications, and their unique market opportunities. Instantly augment your national early-stage coverage.

Operators: Engage Aligned Professionals Instantly

Engage handpicked corporate innovation executives, institutional and individual investors, and elite talent from Ivy League engineers to startup-minded Fortune 500 professionals. We vet and review every candidate for you, with zero placement fees.

Evidence-Based Selection Standards ⇆ Adjusted to Market Dynamics

We are committed to developing an equitable and evidence-based standard of venture-caliber innovation, to differentiate and accelerate high-performing operators of all backgrounds.


of Reviewed Companies met Selection Standards


of Selections Acquired in Past Twelve Months


in Aggregate Selection Exit Value to Date


of Selections Actively Raising Rounds


of Selections on Platform are Active


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Management Teams with Previous Successful Exits


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Female Led Management Teams

For Qualified Professionals

Hear directly from management teams at the earliest stages.

Filter intelligently

Navigate company selections across elite U.S. innovation hubs by the characteristics that matter to you, including real-time fundraising timelines, product development stages, and team qualifications.

Qualify in seconds

Obtain a fundamental understanding of a company's inspiration, qualifications, product differentiation, and real-time progress. Only first person information and statistics, with no data scraping whatsoever.

Engage instantly

Chat in one click with management teams of interest and schedule coffee meetings or phone calls. Securely request and exchange documents and manage conversations centrally.

For Qualified Companies

Engage handpicked investor, corporate, and talent networks.

Tell your story once

Exhibit what makes your company great and your team unique. Share your One-Pager selectively with committed, value-adding professionals and prospective hires.

Identify the best internationally

Access handpicked networks of institutional and corporate investors, angels, corporate executives, and blue-chip full-time and part-time talent. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Engage efficiently

Chat only with professionals of interest, schedule coffee meetings or phone calls, and securely request and exchange documents. No placement or transaction fees whatsoever.

Focus on building rather than selling.

Your time is valuable.