Leverage the trust you have already built

By integrating customer feedback with independent market validation

If you are leading an objectively high-caliber company, we recognize you for it and equip you with technology to capitalize on it.


For companies that meet the performance standard, we craft an ultramodern digital profile — the equivalent of athlete ‘scouting footage’ — that distills your unique market opportunity, team qualifications, operating ability, and use-case advantages. We put your value proposition in context with independent analysis from domain experts within your target market. A step further, we leverage historical evidence via the patent-pending implementation of hundreds of predictive indicators to highlight your nuanced statistical strengths.


Underneath the hood, Rialto is a machine-enhanced marketplace with lightning-fast messaging and an elegant interface. Each professional accepted to the marketplace, including Fortune 500 corporate innovation directors, wealth management & family office representatives, corporate & institutional investment representatives, and high net worth individuals, must be recommended to Rialto by a previously selected company.


Our mission with Rialto is to empower qualified current operators and prospective new operators, anywhere in the United States, to harness a global pool of high-value resource providers with a vested interest in engaging talented managing teams — analogous to talented athletes who leverage modern scouting footage to maximize their Division I and Professional recruiting options and minimize time spend.


We are not an investment firm and have no investment bias.

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As a complex technology operating in a complex sector, conveying a unique value proposition in terms of a product and team is challenging. We know we are awesome and we know that our company is equally awesome, yet communicating this in an objective, concise manner is near on impossible. Rialto’s coverage of Koroid really changed this: the feature on Koroid is so immensely effective in digging deeper into the team, the problem we face, and the technology we use to solve it. In addition, it provided us with visibility and credibility (from an objective lens) that start-ups only can dream of at the early-stage we were in. I consider Rialto’s coverage a key momentum-builder for us, and since we were featured 6-8 months ago, we have gone on to raise a large seed round. We see Rialto as a vital partner in our continued growth as a company.

Dr. Carl Gustaf Axelsson

Founder & CEO of Koroid, a Harvard Medical School Spinout

If you're leading a strong company, getting on Rialto is a no brainer. From inception at Stanford, we were thrilled to be distinguished without the inherent bias of investment capital. In a noise-filled landscape, that trusted third-party insight and objective endorsement is powerful for building credibility with the talent candidates, customers, and investment firms that you actually want.

Michelle Wu

Founder & CEO of Anora, a Stanford University spinout

Dear Victor (Astorian Founder and Yale University '18), I was moved by your feature on Rialto. Your accomplishments serve as an example to your fellow students and to those who will follow in your footsteps. Please know that I am so proud of where you are today, and I am eager to witness your many successes in the future!

Dr. Peter Salovey

President of Yale University

Identifying and learning about great growth companies can be time consuming and challenging. Rialto attracts only top quality companies and offers insights and information which helps investors quickly find and begin to evaluate the best opportunities.

Pat Hedley

Former Managing Director at General Atlantic

Shout out to the team at Rialto - visionaries who are helping the nation's top early-stage companies get on the map, more efficiently prioritize engagement with high-value market participants, and accelerate. Awesome to see our classmates from MIT including Waypoint Labs also featured and subsequently acquired, as well as other high-caliber teams from across the country - keep it up.

Stuart Jones, Jr.

Founder & CEO of Sigma Ratings, an MIT Sloan spinout

Specialized, targeted channels

In a crowded landscape, trust is everything.
The strongest brands build trust through transparency.

Intelligent Capital

Intelligent operators deserve intelligent investors with a track record of investment ability. Yet, engaging the right value-additive investors remains an entirely manual process today. From Institutional and Corporate Venture Capital to Family Offices, Wealth Managers, and Endowments, we intend to enable management teams to navigate the qualified investment landscape like a talented athlete navigates NCAA Division 1 scholarship opportunities.

High-Performing Talent

Talented entrepreneurial professionals have options. In a race for talent, the right candidate can be anywhere, from universities to blue-chip corporations and coding academies. We plug Rialto selections directly into each network and enable entrepreneurial professionals to think like independent investors when considering entrepreneurial opportunities. Joining an early-stage company is a high risk-return investment, after all.

Multinational Corporate Partners

From Hyundai and illumina to UPS, PTC and FiscalNote, multinational public and private corporations are keen to invest in, partner with, or acquire high-performing early-stage companies. We remove traditional friction in engagement with aligned corporate innovation teams, anywhere in the world. No investment loopholes.

Respected Media Outlets

In today's competitive landscape, brand is everything. Don't settle for mediocre coverage. The right or wrong coverage can make or break your brand. Instead, our mission is to place fundamentally strong innovations directly in front of respected journalists, and vice-versa. The right media coverage should be at your fingertips.

Raise your standards

Consider this: the most talented athletes today have their pick of Division 1 scholarships due to game film & scouting analytics that distill their strengths.