Focus on engaging and evaluating the companies
that meet your investment standards

Focus on engaging and evaluating the companies
most aligned with your M&A objectives

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you would genuinely enjoy contributing to

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partnerships actually worth your time

Rialto accelerates the alignment of mutual interest in private markets with machine-learning and human insight.

If you’re an entrepreneur that qualifies for a Rialto index, or a professional with a vested interest in Pre-Seed through Pre-IPO companies: navigate mission critical engagement including investment origination, M&A exploration, customer acquisition, and recruiting with hands-on assistance from a highly-specialized research team and predictive technology.

Sure, you’re capable on your own. But you’ll be faster and smarter with us by your side. Leverage patent-pending technology to engage the leads most likely to mesh with your strengths and produce optimal results.

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Screening companies based on hundreds of empirical indicators of synergy and value creation potential.

The U.S. Early-Stage Outperformance Index is a data-driven portfolio of the 5,000 Pre-Seed through Series B Stage companies in the United States with the strongest empirical indicators of subsequent five year value creation potential. Currently in beta, the index is rebalanced to outperform the S&P 500 annually and companies are selected without investment bias. Companies that qualify for the index access the Rialto Terminal and services at no cost.

3X Aggregate Return 5 Year Target

What is Rialto

Rialto is a business intelligence company architected for private markets. We integrate human insight with predictive technology and a specialized professional network — on a single platform. Our technology makes it easy to collaborate with a dedicated human analyst and empowers Rialto's origination professionals to deliver blazingly fast and highly personalized white glove services to you.

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Whom We're For

Rialto is for qualified participants in private markets. On one side of the market are Pre-Seed through Pre-IPO companies that qualify for a Rialto index. On the other side are proven professionals with a vested interest in engaging the highest-performing private companies. These entities include progressive corporate innovation teams, investment firms, banks, law firms, media companies, and universities. Rialto leverages modern, patent-pending technology to align these participants in a fraction of the time.

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Rialto is priced according to your preferences for quantity, caliber, and exclusivity. Access a dedicated Rialto analyst and the Rialto technology platform to field and prioritize prescreened leads, gain powerful human and data-driven insight, engage prospects instantly, and request an embargo on the most valuable prospects for a certain duration. For companies that qualify for a Rialto index, there is no cost to access the Rialto Terminal and services.

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